Main purpose of consulting services

         Increasing informational and practical potential of farmers and the peasantry in the republic, by means of providing them existing innovative ideas with support of specially elaborated and adapted to village problems; informational, legal and analytical support systems of agrobusiness; receiving consultation on conduct of the agrarian business with attraction foreign and local specialist, who has gained experience in organizing agrobusines in economically developed countries of the world for practical consultation.

                      Products of consulting services
                        (directly after realization)

     Information-consulting centres in all regions of the republic, that supply workers of agricultural sphere with informational, legal and analytical support of agrobusiness by consultation on conduct of the agrarian business.The informational, legal and analytical support of agrobusiness with the use of web, database and fuzzy-technologies for analytical problems..
                            Potential effectiveness of consulting services

      Increasing professional level and economic outlook of the leaders of farmings will allow, leaning on present legislation, conclude qualitative, legally correct agreements.
      The literate approach of the leaders of farmings for conducting agrobusiness will allow to raise profits of farmings and enlarge the amount of work places that will in turn causes decreasing of unemployment rate.
      Leaning on gathering information about foreign markets, and using gained legal, economical knowledge, leaders of farmings will be able independently co-operate with foreign partners.
      Farmers' realization of their own legal rights, growth in their legal consciousness will bring about decreasing of the number of unprofitable farmings.
                  Indicators allowing to measure effectiveness
                                   of consulting services

      1. The formation of checking and experimental groups from farmings (20 in each) with fixing main production parameters. By the end of the project, experimental and control groups indicators will be checked.
      2. Checking in users of center's services into registration book.
      3. Size of questions and answers database.
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